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.: Postal code (zip code) 29614

List of all places in Germany with the postal code (zip code) 29614:
PlaceDistrictFederal state
Soltau (Town)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Ahlften (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Alm (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Barmbruch, Siedlung (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Dannhorn (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Deimern (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Dittmern (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Eitze (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Ellingen (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Falshorn (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Friedrichseck (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Frielingen (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Großeholz (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Hambostel (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Harber, Moor;;Harber, Kreis Soltau (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Harmelingen (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Hötzingen (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Königskrug (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Leitzingen (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Marbostel bei Soltau (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Meinern (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Meßhausen (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Mittelstendorf (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Moide (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Oeningen (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Soltau (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Stübeckshorn (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Tetendorf (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Tiegen (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Timmerloh (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Wiedingen (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Willingen (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Woltem (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
Wolterdingen, Kreis Soltau (Municipality)HeidekreisLower Saxony
34 places in Germany found with the postal code (zip code) 29614.

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Postal code 29614