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All places in Germany with the car sign, license plate, registration number CE:
Car sign, license plate, registration number CE
Image: German car sign, license plate, registration number CE
PlaceDistrictFederal state
Adelheidsdorf (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Ahnsbeck (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Beedenbostel (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Bergen (Kreis Celle) (Town)CelleLower Saxony
Bröckel, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Celle (Town)CelleLower Saxony
Eicklingen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Eldingen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Eschede (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Faßberg (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Habighorst (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Hambühren (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Hermannsburg (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Höfer, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Hohne bei Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Lachendorf, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Langlingen bei Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Nienhagen bei Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Scharnhorst, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Unterlüß (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Wathlingen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Wienhausen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Wietze (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Winsen (Aller) (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Adelheidsdorf (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Dasselsbruch, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Großmoor, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Becklingen bei Wietzendorf (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Belsen, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Bleckmar (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Diesten, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Dohnsen, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Eversen, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Hagen bei Bleckmar (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Hassel, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Nindorf bei Soltau (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Offen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Sülze, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Wardböhmen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Wohlde, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Altencelle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Altenhagen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Bostel (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Boye (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Garßen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Groß Hehlen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Hustedt (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Klein Hehlen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Lachtehausen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Scheuen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Vorwerk (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Westercelle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Wietzenbruch (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Groß Eicklingen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Klein Eicklingen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Paulmannshavekost (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Sandlingen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Schepelse (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Bargfeld, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Eldingen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Grebshorn (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Heese, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Hohnhorst, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Luttern, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Metzingen, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Wohlenrode (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Dalle, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Eschede (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Lohe (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Rebberlah, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Schelploh (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Starkshorn, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Weyhausen, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Faßberg (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Müden / Örtze (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Poitzen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Schmarbeck (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Habighorst (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Hambühren I (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Oldau (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Ovelgönne, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Barmbostel (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Baven, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Beckedorf, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Bonstorf (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Hermannsburg (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Hetendorf (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Oldendorf, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Weesen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Ohe, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Spechtshorn, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Bunkenburg (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Gockenholz (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Jarnsen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Lachendorf (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Hohnebostel, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Langlingen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Nienhof über Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Wiedenrode (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Nienhorst (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Papenhorst (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Endeholz (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Kragen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Marwede (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Scharnhorst (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Lutterloh (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Unterlüß (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Kolonie (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Wathlingen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Bockelskamp (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Nordburg, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Offensen, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Oppershausen, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Schwachhausen, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Wienhausen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Hornbostel (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Jeversen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Wieckenberg (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Wietze (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Bannetze (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Lohheide (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Meißendorf (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Stedden (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Südwinsen, Aller (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Thören (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Walle, Kreis Celle (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Winsen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Wolthausen (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
Wittbeck (Municipality)CelleLower Saxony
There are 129 places in Germany with the car sign, license plate, registration number CE.

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