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All places in Germany with the car sign, license plate, registration number HAM:
Car sign, license plate, registration number HAM
Image: German car sign, license plate, registration number HAM
PlaceDistrictFederal state
Hamm (Westfalen) (City)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Westen (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Uentrop, Westfalen (Urban district)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Mark (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Braam (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Werries (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Ostwennemar (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Norddinker (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Vöckinghausen (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Frielinghausen bei Hamm, Westfalen (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Rhynern (Urban district)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Berge bei Hamm, Westfalen (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Osttünnen (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Freiske (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Wambeln (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Pelkum (Urban district)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Wiescherhöfen / Daberg (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Lohauserholz (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Selmigerheide / Weetfeld (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Lerche (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Herringen (Urban district)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Ostfeld (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Sandbochum (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Bockum-Hövel (Urban district)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Holsen (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Geinegge (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Hölter (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Westhusen, Bauernschaft (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Dasbeck (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Frielick (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Haaren bei Hamm, Westfalen (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Osterflierich (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Schmehausen (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Süddinker (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Weetfeld (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Westtünnen (Municipality)HammNorth Rhine-Westphalia
There are 36 places in Germany with the car sign, license plate, registration number HAM.

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Car sign HAM