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All places in Germany with the car sign, license plate, registration number VER:
Car sign, license plate, registration number VER
Image: German car sign, license plate, registration number VER
PlaceDistrictFederal state
Achim bei Bremen (Town)VerdenLower Saxony
Blender (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Dörverden (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Emtinghausen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Kirchlinteln (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Langwedel, Kreis Verden (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Ottersberg bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Oyten (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Riede, Kreis Verden (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Thedinghausen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Verden (Aller) (Town)VerdenLower Saxony
Achim (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Baden bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Badenermoor bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Bierden bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Bollen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Borstel bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Embsen bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Langenkamp bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Uesen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Uphusen bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Adolfshausen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Amedorf (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Blender (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Einste (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Gahlstorf (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Hiddestorf, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Intschede, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Oiste, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Reer (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Ritzenbergen, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Seestedt (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Winkel (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Ahnebergen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Barme, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Barnstedt (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Diensthop (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Dörverden (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Drübber (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Geestefeld (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Hülsen, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Lohof (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Stedebergen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Stedorf (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Wahnebergen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Bahlum (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Emtinghausen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Armsen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Bendingbostel (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Brunsbrock (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Deelsen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Hohenaverbergen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Holtum (Geest) (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Kirchlinteln (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Kreepen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Kükenmoor (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Luttum (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Neddenaverbergen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Neuenförde (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Neuenkrug (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Otersen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Schafwinkel (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Specken (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Stemmen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Weitzmühlen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Wittlohe (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Dahlbrügge, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Daverden (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Etelsen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Förth, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Haberloh (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Holtebüttel, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Langwedel (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Langwedelermoor, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Nindorf, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Schülingen, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Völkersen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Ahsen-Oetzen, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Beppen, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Knickende, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Morsum (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Nottorf, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Wulmstorf, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Allerdorf bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Bahnhof (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Benkel (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Ebbensiek (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Eckstever, Niedersachsen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Fischerhude (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Giersdorf (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Grasdorf bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Hintzendorf bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Mitteldorf bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Narthauen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Ottersberg (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Otterstedt, Niedersachsen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Posthausen bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Quelkhorn (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Wümmingen bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Bassen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Bockhorst bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Lindheim (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Meyerdamm (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Oyten (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Oyterdamm (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Sagehorn (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Schaphusen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Tüchten bei Bremen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Felde bei Syke (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Heiligenbruch bei Syke (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Ketsche bei Syke (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Riede (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Dibbersen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Donnerstedt (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Eißel (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Holtorf (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Holtorf-Lunsen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Horstedt (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Lunsen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Thedinghausen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Werder (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Westerwisch (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Borstel, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Dauelsen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Döhlbergen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Eitze (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Groß Hutbergen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Hönisch (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Klein Hutbergen (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Scharnhorst, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Verden (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
Walle, Kreis Verden, Aller (Municipality)VerdenLower Saxony
There are 132 places in Germany with the car sign, license plate, registration number VER.

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