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.: Car sign, license plate, registration number VEC

All places in Germany with the car sign, license plate, registration number VEC:
Car sign, license plate, registration number VEC
Image: German car sign, license plate, registration number VEC
PlaceDistrictFederal state
Bakum, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Damme, Dümmer (Town)VechtaLower Saxony
Dinklage (Town)VechtaLower Saxony
Goldenstedt, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Holdorf, Niedersachsen (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Lohne (Oldenburg) (Town)VechtaLower Saxony
Neuenkirchen-Vörden (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Steinfeld (Oldenburg) (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Vechta (Town)VechtaLower Saxony
Visbek, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Bakum (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Büschel (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Carum (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Daren (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Elmelage, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Harme (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Hausstette (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Lohe, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Lüsche, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Märschendorf (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Schledehausen (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Südholz (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Vestrup (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Weihe (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Westerbakum, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Bergfeine, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Bexadde, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Bokern, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Clemens-August-Dorf, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Dalinghausen, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Dümmerlohausen (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Greven, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Haverbek (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Holte, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Neuenwalde, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Nienhausen, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Nordhofe, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Ossenbeck, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Osterdamme, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Osterfeine (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Reselage, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Rottinghausen, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Rüschendorf (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Sierhausen, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Südfelde (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Bahlen (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Bünne (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Wulfenau (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Apeler, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Einen, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Ellenstedt, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Fredelake, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Gastrup, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Goldenstedt (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Lahr, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Lahrheide (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Lutten, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Tange, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Varenesch, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Fladderlohausen (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Grandorf (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Handorf bei Damme, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Ihorst, Niedersachsen (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Langenberg bei Damme, Dümmer (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Brägel, Oldenburg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Brockdorf (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Ehrendorf bei Diepholz (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Krimpenfort, Oldenburg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Kroge bei Diepholz (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Lohne (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Lohnerwiesen, Oldenburg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Nordlohne, Oldenburg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Rießel, Oldenburg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Schellohne, Oldenburg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Südlohne (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Voßberg, Oldenburg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Wichel, Oldenburg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Zerhusen, Oldenburg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Neuenkirchen, Oldenburg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Vörden, Niedersachsen (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Düpe bei Diepholz;Düpe, Oldenburg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Harpendorf (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Haskamp, Oldenburg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Holthausen, Oldenburg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Lehmden (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Mühlen bei Diepholz (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Schemde, Oldenburg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Bergstrup (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Calveslage (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Deindrup (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Hagen (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Holtrup, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Holzhausen (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Langförden (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Oythe (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Spreda (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Stukenborg (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Telbrake (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Vardel (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Endel, Kreis Vechta (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Rechterfeld (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Visbek (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
Wöstendöllen (Municipality)VechtaLower Saxony
There are 104 places in Germany with the car sign, license plate, registration number VEC.

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