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All places in Germany with the car sign, license plate, registration number GR:
Car sign, license plate, registration number GR
Image: German car sign, license plate, registration number GR
PlaceDistrictFederal state
Bad Muskau (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Beiersdorf bei Löbau (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Bernstadt auf dem Eigen (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Berthelsdorf bei Herrnhut (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Bertsdorf-Hörnitz (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Boxberg / Oberlausitz (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Dürrhennersdorf (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Ebersbach / Sachsen (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Eibau (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Friedersdorf bei Löbau (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Gablenz, Oberlausitz (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Görlitz, Neiße (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Groß Düben (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Großhennersdorf (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Großschönau, Sachsen (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Großschweidnitz (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Hähnichen (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Hainewalde (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Herrnhut (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Hirschfelde bei Zittau (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Hohendubrau (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Horka, Oberlausitz (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Kurort Jonsdorf (Place)GörlitzSaxony
Klitten (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Kodersdorf (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Königshain bei Görlitz (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Krauschwitz, Oberlausitz (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Kreba-Neudorf (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Lawalde (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Leutersdorf, Oberlausitz (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Löbau (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Markersdorf bei Görlitz (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Mittelherwigsdorf (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Mücka (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Neißeaue (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Neugersdorf, Sachsen (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Neusalza-Spremberg (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Niedercunnersdorf (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Niesky (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Obercunnersdorf bei Löbau (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Oderwitz (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Olbersdorf (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Oppach (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Ostritz (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Kurort Oybin (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Quitzdorf am See (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Reichenbach / Oberlausitz (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Rietschen (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Rosenbach bei Löbau (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Rothenburg / Oberlausitz (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Schleife, Oberlausitz (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Schönau-Berzdorf auf dem Eigen (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Schönbach bei Löbau (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Schöpstal (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Seifhennersdorf (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Sohland am Rotstein (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Strahwalde (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Trebendorf bei Weißwasser (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Uhyst, Spree (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Vierkirchen bei Görlitz (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Waldhufen (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Weißkeißel (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
Weißwasser / Oberlausitz (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Zittau (Town)GörlitzSaxony
Eichen (Municipality)GörlitzSaxony
There are 65 places in Germany with the car sign, license plate, registration number GR.

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